Hello and Welcome!

Hi, my name is Kesha and I am happy that you have made it to my blog! I have decided to start a blog about topics and issues relating to children’s health. My life long passion has always been working with children. I have always known that any career I pursued would need to allow me to dedicate myself to the betterment of children.

As an aspiring Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I am interested in not only exploring the discussions surrounding children’s health but also using this platform to contribute to these discussions by presenting my own views. I will mostly be doing this through commentaries on news articles and videos that I come across. I hope to use this blog as a means to expand my holistic understanding of children in the medical and health world.

As a future figure in the medical world, it is important for me to view patients as more than just stats on a clipboard or more than their condition. With this blog, I am also hopeful that I can engage with current nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors etc. and gain even more insight through diverse views on pediatric health in this country and beyond.

I am excited to start this journey with this particular platform and look forward to learning more about children and health through the lens of articles, videos and whatever else I can get my hands on!